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Even though the HAWKLOK system is quick and easy to use, it still raises a few questions, some of which we have answered for you.

Does it require any maintenance?
No. The material used is a long life co-polymer polypropylene. 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.

Can it be used on a sloping or uneven ground?
Yes. But some excavation work will need to be carried out to get your garden building base to as level as you require. The better the preperation the better the final result.

What if the ground is very hard?
A top dressing of builders sand will help. Firstly to save on excavation and secondly to help bed in the grids. HAWKLOK can be laid on to a concrete yard or patio, this is because the grids are free draining and self ventilating ensuring the floor of your garden building stays dry.

What if the ground is very soft?
A top dressing of builders sand will help along with 2 layers of Weedex membrane under the grids.

Are there other uses for the HAWKLOK system?
We are currently carrying out trials for other uses such as a base for a greenhouse, a marquee base, and a base for a hot tub. Please visit the website for future updates.

Can the grids be cut?
Yes, they can easily be cut using a hand saw.

Can it be re-used?
Yes, the HAWKLOK system is resuable and can be relocated to suit your needs.

What size building will HAWKLOK support?
HAWKLOK works on ground pressure principals, thus, the even weight distribution of the floor allows all sizes of standard garden building.

What are the advantages of using HAWKLOK?
Self ventilating, free draining, lightweight/carry home packs, quick, convenient & clean to use.

How soon can garden buildings be erected on the new base?

Is it a one person project?